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Interactive Presentations

  • By Joakim Piniros

We call a presentation “interactive” if the user can explore a virtual environment through his/her own actions.


Low-cost interactive presentations include “Panoramas”, where the observer is placed to a fixed position in the virtual environment (digital 3D model) while interactive control of both look orientation and visual angle is provided, as well as “VR Objects”, where the observer circles around a virtual object to see it from every perspective. Such presentations are ideal for the internet, while they can be used for both prototype and detailed models.
High-end interactive presentations may include different forms of “Virtual Reality” (VR): full navigation within a virtual environment, as well as Augmented Reality (AR): real time visualization of digital information embodied in the physical space. The latter allows presentation of a building project within its physical environment, while provides a visual understanding of the project through the physical motion of the observer.


(just press on image and allow the plugin to execute in order to view the panorama)