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The End – Nikos Alexiou

  • By Joakim Piniros

“The End” by visual artist Nikos Alexiou

is being projected across the façade (61m long) of the National Bank of Greece on Kotzia Square, Athens, every evening 8:30-11:30 from 23/09/2016 until 3/10/2016, to celebrate 175 years from the foundation of the Bank.
Several years ago we had the honor and pleasure to work with the artist on this video which represented Greece in the artistic Venice Biennale of 2007.

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A Residence Space Construction System

  • By Lefteris Virirakis

In October 1985, L Virirakis and G Bourkas presented in NTUA their degree graduation project on an industrial modular system of residence space construction. The system aimed to support the basic features of communal building practices as opposed to those of centralized design. Many years later, the designers reconsidered their work within the framework of modern systems theory and revised the presentation accordingly. In A+V we developed a dedicated CAD application to convert the plans of the original project into 3D models, then we used these models to produce a 8′ video based on the revised presentation. Through this video, we intend to demonstrate the narrative power of CG visualization in creative thinking, both architectural and technical.




  • By Lefteris Virirakis


A project proposal by Danae Stratou

Analysis and software development by A+V



We present a formal geometric description of Danae’s project Austin’s Airth Gates. As the software support team, we had a continuous cooperation with Danae during the project development. Danae explained thoroughly the geometric properties of the project, as well as the control she wished to have on them. After performing the algorithmic analysis, we developed software making possible the parametric definition of the desired properties. Danae worked extensively on the parameters’ values configuration, finally achieving the desired form.
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Shadow Art Profile Design

  • By Lefteris Virirakis


Shadow Art concerns artistic or commercial installations whereby a spatial configuration of objects, combined with a properly positioned light source, cast shadows of a desired shape. Fascinating examples of shadow art may be found in the work of Japanese artist Kumi Yamashita.

The simplest forms of Shadow Art are based on 2D profiles which cast the desired shadow on a flat surface. In A+V we have developed profile-design software, which takes as input the desired shadow and the relative positions of light source, shadow-casting profile and shadow-receiving surface.

Use our services to create your own shadow art installation. It takes four steps:

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