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Shadow Art Profile Design

  • By Lefteris Virirakis


Shadow Art concerns artistic or commercial installations whereby a spatial configuration of objects, combined with a properly positioned light source, cast shadows of a desired shape. Fascinating examples of shadow art may be found in the work of Japanese artist Kumi Yamashita.

The simplest forms of Shadow Art are based on 2D profiles which cast the desired shadow on a flat surface. In A+V we have developed profile-design software, which takes as input the desired shadow and the relative positions of light source, shadow-casting profile and shadow-receiving surface.

Use our services to create your own shadow art installation. It takes four steps:

  • Find the appropriate flat surface to project the desired shadow
  • Design your shadow outline, or ask us to design it for you, according to your specification
  • Find the location of the light source, or ask for our help to locate according to your spatial constraints
  • Send us the above information in drawings or sketches, possibly followed by textual elucidations if necessary.

We will then send you a full digital design of the installation, including the profile design in the required digital format. If you wish, we could also send you the physical profile and/or perform the installation.

Please contact us for further details.