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Stereoscopic Presentations

  • By Joakim Piniros

Photorealistic presentations, including still views, animation, as well as printouts, that provide a real sense of depth


Stereoscopic representations create a true 3D perception of a location, by introducing the viewer directly into the virtual environment, producing a thorough and impressive visual perception with a sense of depth. This is far more impressive than a conventional computer visualization presented in a 2D canvas, i.e., a monitor screen or printed paper. Stereoscopic representations are particularly functional within the field of architectural visualization, as they reveal spatial attributes not conceivable by means of conventional computer visualization.

Our production includes stereoscopic stills, animations, as well as integrated presentations in any standard resolution, fullHD (1920X1080 pixels) included, either for DVD or Blue Ray. Our production includes the widely used 3D Video – 3DTV format, as well as other formats such as interlaced 3D monitor (special glasses needed), auto-stereoscopic monitors (no special glasses needed), even conventional monitor (you will need a low-cost viewer, which we can provide or suggest).

We have particularly worked on the field of stereoscopic lenticular printouts (see We can economically deliver any view of your project, printed up to 40Χ50cm, with the sense of depth but without the need for special glasses.